"Coffee Shop Conversations: Evangelism with Manners" Study

Oct 18, 2017 08:00 -
Dec 31, 2017 23:00 MST

Faith is intimate and personal. Therefore, sharing our faith is always vulnerable.

Will my non-Christian friend think I’m arrogant if I say I know the truth?
I’m always so nervous I’ll say the wrong thing…I keep missing opportunities to talk about my faith!
If I admit I’m a Christian, will it automatically turn people off?

The best evangelism comes from Christians who are willing to learn.

Dale and Jonalyn model natural conversations. You’ll discover how to learn from your friends, while sharing your faith. In Coffee Shop Conversations: Evangelism with Manners, the learning isn’t simply a lecture, you’ll find regular creative journaling prompts, weekly invitations to rest, and new ways to adapt spiritual conversations into your life. Learn to talk about the life you enjoy with Jesus with humility, rather than arrogance.

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